CraftCvltvre’s Guide to the Web: Community

April 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

If you’re new to the dark handmade fashion scene, you may be wondering how I found all these amazing people to follow through the internet. For me, what sparked it all was a chance occurrence – several years ago, I happened on a link to Haute Macabre, and it all went from there. Here are some of the best online destinations I’ve discovered since then.


Here at CraftCvltvre, I’ve got a blogroll linking to some sites I think are pretty cool. Not all of them focus on handmade, and not all of them focus on the dark aesthetic, but I’d say they’re all worth a look. Included is the aforementioned Haute Macabre, the web’s single best resource for those seeking a more refined, mature version of Goth fashion. Other highlights include blogs from brands like BloodMilk, For Strange Women, and Gloomth, as well as blogs like Renee Ruin and Ghostly Garden, which often feature wares from dark crafters.

Social Media

Because we’re dealing with an interest that’s so heavily visual, the best way to find likeminded people on social networks is to hit the ones that focus on imagery rather than text. Instagram is currently the big one in this category. You can check out the accounts I’m following there to find not only gorgeous photos but plenty of great independent artists, crafters, and other people with similar aesthetic leanings. Tumblr and Pinterest are pretty active in this arena too, although I don’t personally use either (at the moment).


It seems message boards/forums have fallen by the wayside in the Web 2.0 era, as have non-blog niche/hobby websites. However, there is still one notable exception:, the unofficial fan forum of indie perfumer Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Still going strong after a decade (an eternity in internet years), it’s the place to bond over handcrafted fragrances and other dark delights.

Know any other great places online for connecting with the darkly-inclined? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!


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